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2017 Arts Festival Participants May 31, 2017


JVC School Choir – Serena, Savanna, Reagan, Winter, Nyomi, Cheyenne, Sarah, Delia, Kayleb,  Jaymz, Liam, Linkoln, Chayce, Eli, Marek, Sean, led by Amber Dumouchel (assisted by Esther Winter)

The Little Jiggers Dance Group – Delia, Serena, Chayce, Jordan, Linkoln and Liam, led by Hilda Germaine

Mayo Kids Music Camp Participants – Mikayla, Penny, Liev, Brooke, Addison, Aiden, Henry, Emma, Alanna, Isaac, Avery, Preston and Nico, led by Amy Gripton

Na Cho Nyak Dun Women’s Drum Group – led by Irene Johnny

Jimmy Johnny

Scott Buchanan

Derrick, Autumn and Cecelia Hastings

Alex Soloviev & Adam Leary

David Bennett

Neil Salvin

Ken MacGillivray

Esther Winter & Barbara Barchen

Asia Winter-Sinnott,  Peter Idoko, Esther Winter & Barbara Barchen

Franklin Patterson

Pollywog Bullfrog – Paula Short

Simple Messengers – Peter & Mary Beattie

Delia Therriault

Dave Trudeau


Our Rivers. Our Heritage Fashion Show – 2 pm

This is your time to showcase your beautiful clothing- vests, dresses, slippers, barrettes, drums! Anything that shows our beautiful culture.

Please sign up with Bobbie Lee Melancon @ 996-2435 and prepare your write about your outfit. Don’t forget to honor those who made your outfit and what inspired it.

There will be prizes for adults and kids.

Photo Booth with props celebrating the Bonnet Plume Heritage River and then Peel Watershed



Mary Beattie – Needle Felting.

Maggie Leary – Photography of Yukon wildlife, birds and landscapes.

Marcia Telep – Painter – bright, vibrant depictions of Yukon landscape and lifestyle.

Old Tin Roof & Winterchild Jewellery – Esther Winter – Jewellery made of sterling silver, gold nugget, natural and recycled materials.

Paula Short – Intricately Beaded Bracelets & Necklaces.

Boreal Fibres – Susan Stuart – Fibre artist (knitting, felting & weaving)

Karen Olito – Quilting artist.

Nancy Hummel – Traditional Sewing and Beading

Sophie Lucas – Traditional Sewing and Beading

Elisabeth Gagnon – Sewing home-tanned rabbit fur mittens.







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