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2017 Arts Tent Participants May 31, 2017

  2017 Arts Tent Participants:


Mary Beattie – Needle Felting.

Maggie Leary – Photography of Yukon wildlife, birds and landscapes.

Marcia Telep – Painter – bright, vibrant depictions of Yukon landscape and lifestyle.

Old Tin Roof & Winterchild Jewellery – Esther Winter – Jewellery made of sterling silver, gold nugget, natural and recycled materials.

Paula Short – Intricately Beaded Bracelets & Necklaces.

Boreal Fibres – Susan Stuart – Fibre artist (knitting, felting & weaving)

Karen Olito – Quilting artist.

Nancy Hummel – Traditional Sewing and Beading

Sophie Lucas – Traditional Sewing and Beading

Elisabeth Gagnon – Sewing home-tanned rabbit fur mittens.



Enjoy taking part in a hands-on acrylic painting workshop with Marcia Telep

Come on out and create a flat felted fireweed picture with Mary Beattie 

Sew your own beaded key-chain with Nancy Hummel

Sew a coin purse or beaded moccasin tongue with Sophie Lucas

Create uniquely northern artwork using local fish-scales with Dawna Hope


Observe fibre artist Susan Stuart spin raw wool into yarn.

Observe Paula Short as she creates intricately beaded necklaces.

Learn the how to tan a rabbit skin and watch Elisabeth Gagnon sew rabbit fur mittens.

Bring your photography questions to Photographer Maggie Leary.






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